Philip Journeay

Philip Journeay

Philip J. Journeay’s experience and success in the art world is far reaching. Many of his works are on exhibit in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. His work has been featured in many publications such as Wildlife Art, Sporting Classics, U.S. Art, and InfoArt.

Although his previous successes were in wildlife and landscape art, his true passion lies in the genre of Western Art, where the elements of land, animals and man come together to produce inspiring works.

While teaching Art in community colleges, Philip realized that some of the more advanced teaching principles were lacking, and that the demand to learn techniques of the past – including color theory, compositional design, and structured value – was strong. So, in 2001, Philip opened a small private art school in Lake Forest California, teaching in the manner of Harvey Dunn, Howard Pyle and William Merritt Chase, which he still operates today.

After years of teaching and honing these skills, Philip is ready to once again share it with the art community and collector. One of his recent sales was “The Crossing”, sold at the C.M. Russell Auction. His current body of work includes over 35 new pieces, with more to come!


Philip was born August 4, 1957 in Westwood, CA. The son of two artists, Philip’s parents recognized, at an early age, that their child had both passion and talent for art. They nurtured this and encouraged him to hone his skills, leading to Philip’s first one-man art show when he was only nine years old.  He would later go on to attend the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California, and to study the great masters in Europe.

When Philip was a young child, his family lived for 2 years on a homestead property in the Black Hills outside of Calgary, with no running water or electricity; living as people did over 100 years before. He loved it and this time influenced him greatly. The homestead bordered the Blackfoot Indian Reservation on one side, and a natural game preserve on the other. Frequently, Philip was invited to join his father and two prominent artists as they painted scenes of the Blackfoot Indians. This sparked a lifelong passion in Philip, as he became lost in tales of the past, as told to him by the native people.

As a junior in high school, Philip’s paintings caught the eye of Judy Crandall, curator of the Saddleback Inn Gallery, who accepted Philip as a resident artist. At that time, Saddleback Inn was one of the most prominent Western galleries in Southern California.

A strong demand for Philip’s wildlife paintings lead to a successful career in this genre.  One of his most memorable experiences during these years, was being commissioned in 1996, to paint a piece for Vice President Dan Quayle. “The Awakening” featured two African Lions rising for the hunt.  

Today, Philip Journey studies and paints daily, in addition to teaching students at his art studio in Lake Forest, California.



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